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Court Cards In A Reading

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Are there many court cards in your card spread? If there are a lot of court cards then this means that lots of people are probably involved in the situation. Other people are going to play a large part in the story.

Minor and Major Cards

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It’s important to get a view of the bigger picture in a reading. So look at all the cards in front of you and take an inventory. How many major cards are there? And how many minor cards?

Which Cards Should You Learn With?

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If you are just starting out with Tarot, I would really encourage to start learning with the Rider-Waite-Smith or Crowley-Harris decks. This is because are the most widely used cards and easiest to understand cards.

Interpreting An Unusual Deck

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So how do you interpret new tarot decks? It can be challenging given there are theme decks ranging from angels to baseball! Personally I think it’s best to read new decks intuitively. Just keep in mind that your interpretations should make sense to you personally.

Combining Tarot Cards

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Have you wondered how to put together what the Tarot cards mean in a reading? Sometimes it can be challenging. Each card has a meaning of it’s own. However that meaning can change when that same card is combined with other cards in a reading.

Layers of Meaning in Tarot Cards

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Something fascinating about Tarot cards is the many layers of interpretation for each card. Here are some examples of the layers.

Symbols in Tarot

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If you study or read your tarot cards regularly enough, you will notice that certain symbols appear repeatedly. This reveals a common theme between the cards containing that symbol.

Which Tarot Deck Should You Learn First?

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If you would like to learn the Tarot, I would recommend that you first start learning with Rider-Waite-Smith (or Universal Waite) deck. It has very clear and relatively modern imagery. This makes the cards easier to remember and interpret intuitively.

Who Should Shuffle The Tarot Cards?

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If you are reading for another person, it’s best if they shuffle and cut the deck themselves. Having the querent shuffle the cards is a good way to get their energy into the reading. Ideally I recommend that you own at least two decks of cards: a public deck for clients and a personal deck just more

Ace of Swords ~ Change

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Your card today is the Ace of Swords. This is a dramatic card! When you see it in a reading, it heralds great change is ahead. Get set for new ideas, to make bold decisions, and the dawn of a brand new day.