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Remembering Past Lives

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 14 comments
Future Past & Present sign in the sky

What Are Past Lives? Many people believe that┬áthe soul, upon death of the body, comes back again in another body or form.┬áLives that you experienced before this life are referred to as your ‘past lives’. The concept of past lives comes from spiritual teachings that the soul is on a perpetual journey through existence to more

The Ten of Cups: Is Love Just A Fairy Tale?

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 109 comments

Domestic bliss. Joy. TrueLove. Is it just a fairy tale? What do you think?

Remember Your Past Lives?

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 13 comments

I recently had the good fortune to go on an adventure to the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland. It was an incredible experience, not least because when I arrived, I immediately felt a strong connection and instant familiarity with the place. How many of you have had this experience?

When to Have a Psychic Reading

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 28 comments

When Should I Have a Psychic Reading? Each and every one of us has some intuitive ability. The problem is you may find that you don’t consistently get it right or feel like you might just seeing what you want to see in a card spread or in a situation. If this is you, you may find that you really benefit from a professional psychic reading to give you insight, guidance and clarity in life, whether you need help to understand another person, anticipate potential outcomes of your choices, put issues into perspective or just to simply affirm something you may already be feeling. A good psychic reading will help you to overcome obstacles and find happiness and success in your life.