How to get the most from your Live Reading!

Here on Lotus Tarot Live our resident readers each offer their own style of reading, feel free to read their individual Bio’s prior to starting your session.

Here are some guidelines as to how they all suggest you get the best from your session.

Set your intention: Set your intention to have a really great reading and be open to what insights come through. Each reader will mirror that by intending to give you a really great reading and to being open as a channel for you.

Know your questions: Figure out where you need help before you call. You can cut and paste specific questions into the Live Chat box, the more specific your questions the more specific our reader’s answers can be. If you feel a sense of trust with your chosen reader, then it is safe to share details – everything is confidential.

Make time for yourself: Try to plan sessions for a time when you’re not too rushed and have some quiet time to yourself. You want your energy to be present and focused. Try to give yourself 5 minutes before and after your reading to breathe.

Ask and chat: Don’t ever be afraid to say what’s on your mind or ask questions. The more involved you are in the reading, the better the connection because some questions are a little easier to answer than others.

Be prepared for changes: Know that you will feel many emotions during and after your reading and you could feel a little up and down. This is natural, a reading can shift a lot of energy, and you will be processing stuff and healing.

Have fun and enjoy your next reading.