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Interpreting An Unusual Deck

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: No comments

So how do you interpret new tarot decks? It can be challenging given there are theme decks ranging from angels to baseball! Personally I think it’s best to read new decks intuitively. Just keep in mind that your interpretations should make sense to you personally.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 7 comments

We all get in bad moods from time to time, and sometimes that miserable state sticks around for longer than we would like. At times like that, feeling happy can seem impossible. Of course, we are all entitled to a pity party from time to time. Falling into a bad mood when things happen around us that we don’t like is human nature. Being human, this happens to me sometimes too.

Honest Answers

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 3 comments

It is possible to convey difficult messages in a sensitive, nonjudgemental and appropriate way, and I’m committed to it. If you’re tired of being told what you wanted to hear and you want the truth, come and have a chat with me. The answers might surprise you!

How To Be More Intuitive

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 8 comments

People often ask me how they can become more psychic and read the Tarot more naturally and intuitively. There are many ways, but in my opinion, the fastest is to release toxic thoughts and emotions. This is because it is our wounds and negativity that block us from connecting to all that is divine.

Remembering Past Lives

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 14 comments
Future Past & Present sign in the sky

What Are Past Lives? Many people believe that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back again in another body or form. Lives that you experienced before this life are referred to as your ‘past lives’. The concept of past lives comes from spiritual teachings that the soul is on a perpetual journey through existence to more

Nine of Cups ~ Wishes Granted

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 52 comments

Congratulations, you’ve just received one of the most positive cards in the Minor Arcana! This is the ‘wish granted’ or the ‘genie in a bottle’ card in my deck. This is the card that almost everyone hopes to receive in a reading because it is so favourable and fortunate. It signifies the fulfilment of your wish or desire. Consider your wish granted!

King of Cups ~ Emotional Intelligence

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 15 comments

Your card today is the King of Cups. Kings, like other court cards, can represent an actual person or highlight this energy in your life. If this King represents someone you know, he is likely to be a man over the age of 35 with fair or grey-hair, a clear complexion and pale-blue, liquid eyes. more

Be More Intuitive ~ 10 Ways

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 7 comments

Want some ideas on how to improve your intuition? Here are 12 of my favourite ways to tune in:

Rise and Shine ~ !

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 12 comments

Hi everyone, As many of you know I have been working online under my middle name, Anna. This was right for me at the time when I initially started out working online. However I have found that as my personal and professional, offline and online worlds begin to merge, it just makes life simpler for more

Your Intuition

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 14 comments

I was asked recently what it means to be ‘intuitive’ and found it was a surprisingly challenging question to answer. After all, I thought people just ‘knew’, but perhaps that is circular reasoning!