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Was It Just Meant To Happen?

By Caroline :: :: 112 comments

Did you ever think of a friend, only for them to text or call minutes later? Or did you walk into a bookstore only for the right book to just about fall off the shelf and into your hands? Did you ever see a sign somewhere that happened to be the perfect message for you at that time in your life? Or do you just see 11:11 everywhere lately? These are all called synchronistic events and they happen for all of us.

How is it that these seeming coincidences happen?

Sometimes we make these amazing events happen. We are all connected by a web of energy and just putting our wishes out there with a positive focus can be all that is needed to bring in just the right person or make things happen. This is our free will at work and what people call “manifesting”. I found my new place with Lotus Tarot by focusing on how much I would love to have a blog as well as my LivePerson profile and to work alongside an excellent team.

Yet there is more to synchronistic events in our lives than just manifesting. Some things are destiny and just fated to occur. We know fate is at work when your life suddenly seems to be moving as if it is being guided along by some kind of Higher Power. This is when we say it something was just meant to be and when you might see the Wheel of Fortune in your reading. I have been a fan of Lotus Tarot for years, always loved this site and felt drawn back again and again. Then when I contacted Lotus Tarot about joining, I found myself live and online within a matter of days! I turned a Tarot card on this and guess what? It was the Wheel of Fortune.

A professional Tarot reader and psychic can be really invaluable in helping YOU know what is fate and what is free will in your life. Everyone wants to know what role destiny plays in their love lives, careers and finance and what can be changed for the better. So you should feel free to ask! We have a lovely team live online so get in touch.

Love, Caroline Anna

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  1. Mia says:

    I like this weblog very much so much excellent info.

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  2. Varesko says:

    You are so inspiring!

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  3. Dan says:

    I love 2 read !

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  4. Mathew says:

    Synchronicity seems to be more prevalent at the moment as most people who are open minded seem to be talking about it, James Redfield’s books describe this very well.....Love Mathew

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