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Supermoon Saturday

By Caroline :: :: No comments

Check out the moon in the sky tonight. It is the ‘Supermoon’, the biggest and brightest moon of 2012. The Supermoon will be at its best late tonight and early Sunday when it is closest to Earth. Get ready for a spectacular view of a beautiful moon!

Due to its relative position to other planets and stars in the sky this evening, the Supermoon has a transformative and spiritual energy. You may feel emotional and reflective, and possibly motivated to make big changes in your life. This is a turning point and now is the time for a breakthrough!

For those of you interested in astrology, today is the mid-point of spring, the exact moment between the March equinox and the June solstice, the Supermoon is transiting Scorpio, and the Sun is conjunct Jupiter with both planets transiting Taurus.

For a reading on how this could affect you personally, please come for a chat soon. Lots of love, Caroline Anna

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