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Should You Get A Second Opinion?

By Caroline :: :: 4 comments

For your heart’s sake, get a second opinion. In most cases, a second opinion can be invaluable and you shouldn’t hesitate to get one. There is certainly no harm in getting a second opinion, and you may find out it’s a lifesaver.

Why Get A Second Opinion?

Because your life matters. When you come for a reading on any subject, you almost certainly have questions, concerns and maybe even fears. You’re likely asking about the most important aspects of your life: love, relationships, family, career.

You don’t have to accept everything the first reader tells you at face value, especially if you don’t feel entirely confident in their reading or if they were truly connected. Any reading that is at all suspect, vague, or ‘too good to be true’ always requires a second opinion.

Some people worry about offending the first psychic but in fact, good readers encourage second and even third opinions. This is because a good reader is confident in their advice, gracious, and wants the best for you.

The Value Of A Second Opinion

It can be really stressful and upsetting to be given a bad reading. A good second opinion should heal that experience with clarity, peace of mind, and correcting any inaccuracies in the first reading.

Seeking a second opinion also gives you time to reflect on the situation and come to your own conclusions. Perhaps you may be able to hear something from the second reader that you were not ready to hear from the first.

If the opinions differ, go with the best assessment. A good rule of thumb is simply: does it feel right? Does it make sense? Does it resonate with my truth? Usually you will find the second opinion is right and was well worth it. If the first was accurate, you wouldn’t be seeking another view, would you?

When To Wait

If you find yourself ‘psychic surfing’ (compulsively asking the same thing of a number of readers over again in a short space of time), consider that this may not be healthy for you or your bank account, and give yourself a break.

Also, if you’re working very closely with a particular psychic who you feel you can trust, it may be a good idea to simply wait and give their predictions time. There may not be anything more an additional reading could tell you right now.

Too many readings too soon may also stir up the energetic waters, especially if the second psychic is grasping for something new to tell you. Your expert needs a clear pool to gaze into so, if you trust them, give them the time and space to work their magic :)

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on second opinions? As always, your opinion and questions matter, and I’d love to know what you think.

Maybe you need a second opinion? If you’re concerned or stressed about a reading you received, I would love to help you. Schedule or come for a live session so I can take a look at your situation.

In love and gratitude, Caroline


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  1. Namita says:

    I need a second opinion for guidance about a current situation in my life, basically what step would be profitable and right for me, I will contact you.

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  2. Priscilla says:

    I got a second opinion. She was almost inline with the first reading. Decided to do a third reading with a different physhic and hers was completely different from the first and second. Now I’m not sure which one is correct. I got a different time span within five days of the first and second psychic and the third said in three months. The first psychic gave me a day and it didn’t happen on that day, and the second psychic, well I am waiting to see if it will happen on the date she gave. Will let you know. I know I am a little impatient but it has been one month and I am just anxious. I think a first and second opinion is great. Just not sure yet about the third one.

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Priscilla, I’d recommend giving the situation some time now to see what happens and who was correct in their predictions. Don’t get any more readings for now because you will only end up getting muddled. I would also avoid going back the the first psychic as her prediction was incorrect. If none of the psychics turn out to be right, ditch them all, and then look for a new and more reliable psychic in your next reading. I would love to help you so when you’re ready, come and see me.

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