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Reading For Yourself ~ 7 Keys

By Caroline :: :: 4 comments

Tarot cards can be an incredible source of guidance and insight into many areas of life. You may be at a crossroads or need help with a relationship. You can always rely on Tarot to help. However be careful when reading Tarot cards for yourself! Here are some key pointers.

#1: Sad, Mad or Glad?

He just texted to say it’s over. You’re freaked out that she might be cheating. You were fired from your job today. Not a good time to read cards for yourself! Your emotions are running way too high to see the cards accurately. To read you need to be objective and calm. Wait at least 24 hours until the most intense feelings pass or consult a professional reader.

#2: Focus People!

It’s important when reading cards to be focused and tuned in vibrationally. Randomly clicking on cards to see what pops up will generate random results. You need to quiet your mind and concentrate on your question when connecting to Tarot. It takes practice and skill to hold the space and energy for a reading. If you’re just new to Tarot or feeling unfocused for any reason, talk to a pro and have them read for you.

#3: Multiple Readings

It can be good to run a couple of spreads on the same question for the additional insight. But don’t run spread after spread chasing the answer you want. You will become confused by multiple contradictory results and Tarot will stop answering. After all, why speak if nobody is listening?

#4: Lost In Translation

Tarot cards have many interpretations and the context also significantly affects meaning. The position of a card in a spread and the surrounding cards can change what a card represents. It takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to truly synthesise the cards and translate it all into a cohesive reading. If your cards are not making sense or if the answer feels incomplete somehow, then you need to consult a pro.

#5: Trust Yourself

I use Tarot cards as portals to connect to my intuition and higher guidance. You get the best readings this way. When you read your cards, go with your gut feeling and your instincts too. You run the risk of misinterpreting the message entirely if you just flip cards and take them at face value. For this reason I advise that you have your card reading with an intuitive person who can feel into the cards, rather than a simple card reader.

#6: Tarot As A Guide

Tarot is a tool to channel the spiritual wisdom of the ages. It shows what is happening now, the future you are creating, and offers guidance about your choices in a non-judgemental way. Don’t ask Tarot to make your decisions for you or tell you what to do because it won’t answer. You are still ultimately responsible for your life. The positive in this is that if you don’t like what Tarot shows you, you can change it, as we are all creating our lives in every moment.

#7: ’The Truth? You Can’t Handle The Truth!’

It’s best only ask Tarot for an answer if you’re truly ready. Tarot can be incredibly blunt. The role of a professional reader is often just to communicate the truth in a way that you can really hear. It’s often hard to see things for ourselves, even when the writing is on the wall or you know the truth deep down. But remember, the truth can also set you free.

Love and light, Caroline Anna

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  1. Stacey says:

    Thank you Caroline <3 :mrgreen:

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  2. Elf says:

    Hey there, I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog. Thank you!

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  3. Judy says:

    How can I really know if my reading is “true” or what I “want”?

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    • Caroline says:

      In a good reading, your psychic will be able to accurately describe and confirm certain things that have already happened or happening right now. This will build your confidence so when they make future predictions, you can trust that it’s true. You can also go by your own gut feeling, if what the psychic says resonates with you, then you will know inside it’s right. A good psychic will never tell you what you want to hear but what is actually true in the situation, and they will tell you in a sensitive and compassionate way. xx

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