How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards can sometimes be difficult to shuffle. This is because they are often a different shape and larger than regular playing cards. Also, if you have inherited your cards, they may be old and quite delicate, and in need of care.

Here are some easy ways to shuffle your cards gently:

1. Table Spread:

Lay all the cards on the table in front of you and swirl them around. When you are finished, you can gather the cards together in a stack again or leave them spread out on the table and randomly choose your cards.

2. Three by Three:

Cut the deck into three stacks. Then cut each pile into three smaller stacks. Reassemble the complete deck by collecting the nine small stacks at random. Repeat to complete the process.

3. Ordered Randomness:

Sort your cards, one by one, into stacks of five. Many people use the shape of a five pointed star or you can just put the stacks into a line. If none of the cards have stuck together, the last card you lay out will fall onto stack 3.

Enjoy and remember to focus on your question as you shuffle!


Six of Cups ~ Will My Love Come Back?

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Your card today is the Six of Cups. This is the card of nostalgia. This card means that some past efforts may bring present rewards or someone special from the past may come back into your life. This card speaks of past loves, childhood sweetheart and friends. Something from that past will turn out to be of great value. You are about to take a walk down memory lane!

Practice Tarot Aloud

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It is really important to practice aloud when you are learning the Tarot. This will help you to become more comfortable talking about the cards and thinking on the spot when giving a reading to another person. It will also test your knowledge and help you identify which cards you know, and which cards you need to study.

Four of Cups ~ Psyche

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Your card today is the Four of Cups. When you see it in a reading, it means that you may be feeling a little bored or depressed right now. Perhaps you are feeling let down by something or someone and you had hoped for more? Perhaps there are others around you being negative and that isn’t helping either?

Making Sense Of Different Interpretations

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Many people who are new to Tarot find themselves baffled by all the possible interpretations for the cards. Log on to any Tarot site and you’ll see lists and lists of keywords. Every textbook offer different interpretations depending on the view of the author, and the interpretations can even seem to be contradictory at times. So what do you do?

Proper Care Of Tarot Cards

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How do you store your Tarot cards? Some people teach that you must absolutely keep them wrapped in silk. This is lovely when possible but the truth is there really is no one right or wrong way to store your cards.

Which Tarot Cards Are Right For You?

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There are so many decks of Tarot cards available these days. Every deck is bright and beautiful but has a very different vibration. It’s a matter of feeling which one is right for you. There really are no hard and fast rules, so I recommend you follow your heart and have fun with it.

Can Tarot Cards Make Things Happen?

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Sometimes people are afraid to use Tarot cards because they worry that the cards will create events or force things to happen in a certain way. What do you think?

How To Clear Your Cards

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It’s a good idea to clear your cards between each reading. There are lots of ways you can clear your cards. The key is to find a way that is quick and easy and works best for you.

What If Your Cards Don’t Make Sense?

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Do you sometimes find that it seems like your cards don’t make sense? You asked a great question and were well prepared but somehow the reading didn’t make sense. Why does this happen?