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King of Cups ~ Emotional Intelligence

By Caroline :: :: 15 comments

Your card today is the King of Cups. Kings, like other court cards, can represent an actual person or highlight this energy in your life.king-of-cups

If this King represents someone you know, he is likely to be a man over the age of 35 with fair or grey-hair, a clear complexion and pale-blue, liquid eyes. He may be a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Being highly intelligent and a man of considerable achievement, you will probably find him in working in law, education, medicine, religion, diplomacy, or caring profession.

This King is kind, honourable, trusted and respected. People often seek him out for his sage advice. He is wise and has a deep understanding of the world. He is ideally suited to positions of power where the needs of others are his primary concern.

You would love to have him as your doctor, lawyer or therapist because he genuinely cares. He also makes a wonderful husband or father. This is the best card to receive in a love reading if you want to get married or have a family. If you are a woman it may mean you have met the ‘One’. If you’re a man it means you may be Mr. Right!

In Tarot, the Kings represent mastery and the suit of Cups symbolises feelings, emotions and intuition. The years have made the King wise. He was once a naïve Page, and then an idealistic Knight, but he has learned over time to master his thoughts and emotions. He has become mindful and a person of considerable strength.


The King knows that this inner peace is the source of his power. This is how he stays centred and clear, no matter what stormy emotional seas rage around him. He may come across as guarded but really he is just keeping himself in check. He is responsive rather than reactive. No matter what, he just will not buy into drama.

The presence of the King of Cups in a reading can suggest that you are in a situation where this energy is important in your life. You are being strong with all the challenges in your life right now. It’s not always easy but you just intuitively know that staying balanced will empower you. You are doing great. This is a sign to hang in there and it will get better.

I would love to hear about what the King of Cups means to you. What was happening in your life when you received this card? How did this help? Please post your comments my blog or come for a live session to talk with me further.

In love and joy, Caroline Anna


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  1. Raisa says:

    Hi Caroline, first of all I hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!! What the King of Cups means to me.. Well I’m hoping that I am about to meet him. That would be a wish come true! Also as an energy, I am moving into my mother’s house and at the same time I am going to quit smoking and trying not to compensate by overeating as I have gained some weight. Now I have decided to fix everything at the same time and be done with it... ;-) I know it’s not easy but the rewards will outweigh the struggle to get there. I am keeping balanced where my home, work and personal struggle is concerned.

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    • Caroline says:

      Thank you Raisa for sharing this with me and the readers. You are doing great. Big hugs xoxoxo

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  2. Angela McLean says:

    WOW!!! I’ve just read your blog about the cards yesterday and what you wrote really resonated with me. I am desperately trying to find my ideal job ... I know that I want to write, but I’m just trying to figure out how I manifest a job that will allow my true creativity flow freely. Now the King of Cups card has come through and mentions a male figure in my life that I seem to recognise.This has been the ideal pick-me-up that I need today and I’m now going to go and plan setting up a blog that I’ve been toying with for quite some time.

    Thank you Caroline!

    love Angela

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    • Caroline says:

      You are so welcome, thank you Angela, glad you like the cards :) x

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  3. Mine says:

    Caroline, I feel sometimes like your Tarot Cards are talking to me. The King of Cups is the man I’m in love with. This man of power is a doctor. I know he loves me too. Your readings are really deep. I love reading your blogs. Your are very intuitive like me, I feel that we get along. Thanks.

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    • Caroline says:

      Thank you so much Mine. I am glad you like the blog and readings. Thank you SO MUCH for your support xx

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  4. sonya says:

    Hi. The King of Cups means a lot to me. I needed the reassurance that I have the spiritual strength to practice those qualities and I can make it through uncertainty and so on. I have been longing for my life companion for some time and I hope to meet him soon....I know happiness is within our whole self...I cant deny it would be nice to share this journey with someone who truly can love me the way I have learned to love myself and others.

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  5. Ray says:

    This is probably the best interpretation of this card that I have found yet.

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  6. Franchesca says:

    Great post thank you Caroline

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  7. Zack says:

    Good post I really enjoyed this one

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  8. Margherita says:

    You make it seem so easy to read the Tarot! Yet I think honestly this is something I would find complicated and may never really understand. I am looking forward to your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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  9. Shauna says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I hope I meet him!

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  10. Felicia says:

    A friend of mine forwarded your post to me.. thank you!!

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  11. suziesq says:

    Mar 27, 2014
    I received the king of cups card today as my tarot card. What this means for me is: I have been going through a very rough time in my life and have come to a point of near giving up. This card states not to so I will try to heed its advice. It also represents the man I truly love with my whole being, except for the career path, it is him, trouble with that is he left my life and it will be two years now as of the 29th of march. So this card also brought mixed feelings there as well. Like I need more confusion lol

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