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Five of Swords ~ Choose Integrity

By Caroline :: :: 5 comments

Unfortunately sometimes in life there are people who do not wish us well, or at least, put their own needs and wishes first at our expense.

Is there someone like this in your life? This person may be a cheating spouse, a jealous colleague, or a selfish neighbour.

We can’t control how people act, but we can choose how we respond. Don’t sink to their level. You will risk your integrity, reputation and relationships. Any victory will feel bittersweet.

Hold to a larger view of what you are and find the solution that is best for everyone, including yourself. Choose your battles wisely, and you will win in the end.

Love, Caroline Anna

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  1. Mathew says:

    I call people who are cruel “little people”, for they know not what they do. Time to heal.- Love, Mathew

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  2. Raven Frost says:

    May I know what deck this is? I am moved the imagery.

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      Yes it’s the Crystal Visions Tarot. Beautiful, isn’t it? X

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  3. natasha L says:

    This is so true, somehow we can always smell a rat...!

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