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Five of Pentacles ~ Want

By Caroline :: :: No comments

The Five of Pentacles reflects the many faces of want and lack. We all need the basic ingredients of life. Food, water, basic physical care and shelter are essential for the survival of any human being, not to mention love.

The pain of lack can affect us in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Five of Pentacles appears when this energy is affecting your life: misfortune, heartbreak, financial setbacks, poor health, or just feeling rejected or lost and alone.

We are meant to enjoy abundance and happiness in all areas of our life and sometimes we forget this is our birthright. The truth is that you actually already have everything you need manifest what you want in life and turn this time of want and lack around.

Here is one of the secrets to manifesting more abundance: give what you can. There are so many people around the world in need. Kindness and compassion for them not only creates good karma for you; but is also a fast track to gratitude. It is the gratitude energy that attracts more abundance.

If you would like me to show you more of how to work with the universal laws to create what you want more of in your life, get in touch with and I will help you.

Love, Caroline Anna