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Cledons: Heavenly Messages

By Caroline :: :: 6 comments

Did you ever just happen to hear a song on the radio, see a sign posted somewhere, or overhear a conversation between strangers – and it actually really meant something to you? Did you wonder if it was a sign or a special message for you?

It was! These experiences are what is known as a “cledon”, or a message from heaven that is innocently and unknowingly delivered to you. Your best friend, the TV, radio or a unknowing stranger, anyone and anything can pass on your message from heaven.

This isn’t just a chance occurrence or something only for the lucky. Your angels and higher power love you and want to help and comfort you, however they can. If you ask for a message or a sign to help you, you will receive one.

The question is, are you open to hearing it? Are you connected to your intuition and open to hearing? Or are you like the figure in the Four of Cups, so caught up in life and your worries, that you might just have missed your sign?

If you feel you might have, ask again for a new sign that would answer a very specific question you have, and then make a conscious decision to go out into the world being open and curious. You will be amazed.

And in the meantime, I’m always here to help you too ;-)


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  1. Messages says:

    This is awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile.

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  2. Page says:

    I have “cledons” nearly every day, but I just thought it was a thing that fiction writers and other artsy people do naturally. I see the world as a metaphor, so I expect to see coincidences. Doesn’t everybody notice these things?
    I learned from an Indian spiritual guru that this is actually the “astral body” or the “subtle body,” which is a higher plane of existence in Eastern philosophy. Is this the same thing?

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  3. Caroline Anna says:

    Hi both, thank you, glad you liked the post! I believe that Cledons are information coming from the collective consciousness, directed by angels and unconditional love to us. We are sent Cledons all the time, but need to be open to receiving them. x

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  4. messages from angels says:

    I totally believe in this. The following morning after my husband passed away at exactely the same time 6:13 am I awoke to a song on the radio. It was
    Elton John Rocket Man here is what I awoke to.

    I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
    It’s lonely out in space
    On such a timeless flight

    for days afterwards many more songs came on that was him speaking to me. Today a yr and half later when I am feeling low a song will pop on the radio that I am sure is him speaking to me.

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    • Helen says:

      Same thing happened to my when my sister died. The radio would go on by itself just when I was about to drift into a sleep, start and stop over and over on a particular song. But the words would make a sentence. Went on for a long time like that. My husband thought I was crazy but I knew she was talking to me. The song, I’m movin on by Rascal Flats. Strange but sad comfort.

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  5. Mathew says:

    Synchronicity plays a part in this again but in a slightly different way as mentioned before on this blog. Messages are very hard to pick up as is synchronistic occurrences at times in our busy lives; I wonder how many messages we really have missed in our lives?

    I have purposely tried to turn myself off from messages& signs through most of my life as I had way too many influential occurrences early in my life that would have taken me on a different journey. In saying this however my life has been saved in one way or another more times than I know, I was still in touch but not influentially so as to take me from my chosen journey. Most of my messages come through my dream state & boy don’t they get into me when I go off the path too much. It isn’t half obvious that I have a certain journey to full fill as we all do.……Love Mathew

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