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Can Tarot Cards Make Things Happen?

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 4 comments

Sometimes people are afraid to use Tarot cards because they worry that the cards will create events or force things to happen in a certain way. What do you think?

Forgiveness in Tarot

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One of the many themes of the Judgement card in Tarot is forgiveness. It speaks as to how to transcend suffering by the law of forgiveness. Here are some steps to forgive and attract more positivity to your life…..

Life Sparkles When You Believe in Magic

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And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. ~ Roald Dahl

Lessons from the Lotus Flower

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Be like the lotus flower floating in muddy waters. Blossom regardless of all the mud, and because of the mud. You are meant to shine, even in the toughest times. Keep believing in your vision. To all my lotus friends out there, never forget the power you have to make a difference. You are simply the beautiful lotus floating in muddy waters.

Embrace the Law of Forgiveness

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: One comment

Forgiveness can be hard. Sometimes what happened was truly so awful that it feels unforgivable. Other times the person who hurt us has never apologised or doesn’t care. It can seem like forgiving someone would be letting them off without any consequences, or doing them a favour which they don’t deserve. So why is forgiveness so important?

Love is Always the Answer

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Let love be your go-to answer in life, and you’ll notice your life becomes full of happiness, hope and love!

Whose Reality Is It Anyway?

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: One comment

It is important to choose your perspective at each moment with care. This moment that is happening right now is really all there is. The past and the future only exist within our imaginations; the present moment is reality. What reality will you choose at this moment in time?

Messages Are All Around You

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You make thousands of decisions everyday. You decide what time to get up, what you’ll eat for breakfast, how you will make that breakfast, what dish you will put it on, what you’ll say to your loved ones as they wake up, what you’ll wear, how much shampoo you’ll use, and that’s all within the first few minutes of being awake! Clearly, we all know how to make decisions, but it’s the bigger decisions that get us hung up. Sometimes we can go years struggling over a decision. We are so afraid of making a mistake that it can seem easier to not even choose what to do.

Free Will, Fate and Kindness

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Fate is a rather old fashioned idea. In the Middle Ages, in England, when you met a very poor person, that person would be described as an ‘unfortunate’ – literally, somebody who had not been blessed by fortune. This is no longer vogue. Nowadays, people might call that same person a ‘loser’ or try to sell them a self-help book or DVD.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

By Caroline on :: 23 views :: 4 comments

How do you have what you want in life? You play a game. A friend of mine taught me how to play ‘Love It’ and I’ve always been amazed by how quickly this works.