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Can Tarot Cards Make Things Happen?

By Caroline :: :: 4 comments

Sometimes people are afraid to use Tarot cards because they worry that the cards will create events or force things to happen in a certain way.

The good news is that this is not true. Nothing in the Tarot or any divination system can make you or anyone else do something you would rather not do.

The cards simply illuminate the possibilities for the future. As I always say, the future is written in sand, not carved in stone.

The reason why people can sometimes feel that cards created events was because they focused on a possibility and believed in it with all their hearts.

It was their focus that caused the possibility to manifest, rather than the cards themselves. So what will you focus on, now that you know this? ;)


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  1. ddran143 says:

    I don’t think the cards can jinx you. The cards are like a map to your journey in life. This means that you have the choice to go off course if you want. Just like you say in your article Caroline, it’s not set in stone.

    Thank you for the Six of Pentacles card Caroline. This was very exciting! Just today I got news that I have a little more money that will start to come in. It’s been a long time coming. Your readings are spot on when come my life and whatever situation I am currently in.

    Thank you so much Caroline!

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  2. popskay says:

    From my experience (2 visits to a Tarot reader) I understand that the tarot cards are a result of one’s state of mind while asking a specific question. None of those the predictions that reader made turned out to be true for me. As for manifesting like Rhonda Byrne suggests you can in the ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Magic’ – I so wish it was true. I’ve tried doing so multiple times with all my heart but saw no result. The question is if this is true, how long should one wait, hope and believe?

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    • Caroline says:

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the reader you saw. You probably need to do some healing work on your beliefs about being able to receive in terms of receiving a good intuitive reading or manifesting a result you want.

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