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Be More Intuitive ~ 10 Ways

By Caroline :: :: 7 comments

Want some ideas on how to improve your intuition? Here are some of my favourite ways to become more tuned in:

1. Be kind to yourself. We are all naturally intuitive. You do have the ability to tune into your own heart and the universe. Some days may simply be better than others as you practice and develop your skills.

2. Stay hydrated and eat well. It’s good for your mind, body and soul and will help you to stay grounded. This will enhance your ability to use your intuition, understand your feelings, and stay connected to all six of your natural senses.

3. Remember who you are. The word ‘psychic’ comes from the Greek word, psȳchikós, which means ‘of the soul’. You are a soul having a human experience and not the other way around. Remember you are a soul and your intuition will start to flow naturally.

4. Find quiet space. For some people this might be meditation and for others it might be the flow of doing something repetitive where your body is active but your mind is free. It is in this quiet, relaxing space that intuition flows.images

5. Open your heart to love. Think positive thoughts, send a silent blessing to everyone you meet, and make a practice of forgiving. This will raise your vibration to unconditional love and it is at this frequency that your intuition opens.

6. Relax. Intuition flows when you are relaxed. Also sleep can set your brainwaves to the psychic frequency. Set your intention before you go to sleep to have psychic dreams, then relax and enjoy the show!

7. Let go of ego. Your ego is your consciousness of your own identity. It can get in the way sometimes if you have an overly critical internal voice and it can make you feel separate. Bless every self-critical thought until it dissolves. You will be able to hear your intuition better.

8. Write a journal. Start with recording dreams and jotting down feelings or hunches you have about people and events in your life. You will be amazed at how many things you had right and the journal will eventually serve as proof of your abilities.

9. Release resentments, rejections and regrets. If it helps, write them all down on a piece of paper and burn it. Then rewrite your life with you as the hero or heroine, not the victim. This will bring about healing, peace, and create headspace for your intuition.

10. Ask and it is given. Ask for access to more of your intuition. The more you ask for intuition and are open to the gift, the more it will flow. Then give thanks for all you receive. Give thanks for everything, even the unknown blessings already on their way.


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  1. Joy says:

    What a wonderful article, thank you! When I feel I am unable “to hear” that is my sign to refresh: stop what I am doing, breathe in fresh air, drink water, and listen. The answer is always there, waiting patiently.

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  2. roslyn bryce says:

    Thank you for my card about change that would be out of my control. Yesterday I got a phone call from my employer saying that the company has been sold... and I thought of my reading. Sounds like it will be for the best ... thank you I love tarot cards. Ros.

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  3. Karen says:

    I need someone to guide me in the right direction. I know I have an inner power but cannot get to it to set it free. I really need to open my awareness but do not know where to start. I really need to open my abilities..where do I start ..?

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Karen, I offer psychic development courses. Get in touch if you’d like to develop your abilities :)

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  4. abhilasha rawat says:

    Wow .... Sometimes forgiveness is tough for people, but necessary.

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