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Be Here Now

By Caroline :: :: 3 comments

I have been thinking about the connection between stress and time. We often get stressed because we’re sad about the past or worried about the future. Yet we are usually OK right now in this moment. Why don’t we want to be present, in well, the present? Why do we stress ourselves out?

Some people who teach mindfulness say that your ego is always trying to control the uncontrollable and if you want to be happy then you should resist all its urges to go ‘time travelling’ to the past or the future. That is true to an extent but I don’t agree that you shouldn’t ‘go there’.

It’s part of being human to want to be happy and make the most of your life. It’s good for you to want to review what’s happened and plan ahead. This is really why you go there, not because you are a control freak or stupid, but because you want to make your life better. You want to expand. So how do look you look at the past or the future without getting stressed? How do you stay mindful?

Stress kicks in when you go time travelling without a positive focus and intention. It’s when you just let your mind wander off into the past or future, well, mindlessly. It’s stressful to visualise a painful past or freaky future for no good reason. You will just feel victimised and scared; and potentially manifest what you fear because you are so good at visualising it!

Yet when you set a positive intention to heal, learn and grow, then time travelling can be immensely powerful. You can heal what didn’t work before and you can create the future you really wanted to experience. With just this small tweak, it’s possible to have what you wanted and see the past and future without all the stress.

I believe this is the work of a really good intuitive healer, to help you mindfully enjoy this moment here and now; and guide you to visit your past and create your future in the highest and best way possible.

Love and light !

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  1. Milene says:

    Thanks Caroline for the email you sent me. All your emails, Anna’s and Lynn’s, are advices and kind words, that I keep inside me. Love and Light,

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  2. judith vargo says:

    I do agree there should be positive intent on time-traveling. The point is, not matter when it happened, you must reconcile your feelings to the right actions. Everyone is different. I have had some very trying times, and find a little detachment first, and working on a spiritual solution works best.

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  3. Mathew says:

    The more connected I’m becoming, the less I feel I desire or want. I accept what is at this moment in time, not just in my life but worldwide. This is a very good article for this reason because so many are still trying to improve themselves through non-acceptance which is conflictive, we have been living in a conflictive mode of thought for some time now. We need to change to a different thought mode to improve ourselves and our civilisation.

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