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Attract the Right Soul Mate

By Caroline :: :: 12 comments

We all have many soul mates. Soul mates are not hard to find and you meet them all the time. Friends, pets, colleagues, family, teachers, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives can all be your soul mates. It’s also possible to have soul mates who are not currently incarnated, or who exist on different planes, such as guardian angels and loved ones who have passed over into spirit.

It’s really important that you are clear about what and who you want when you start to look for a new soul mate. If you want a boyfriend, for example, set your intention specifically to meet an adult available man. Otherwise you might just find you get a great new friend or a cute new pet instead! Remember that soul mates come in all shapes and sizes. You want to attract the right one.

Being clear will also help you to recognise your soul mate when you find them. Many people turn away great soul mates, simply because they don’t know how to tell whether that person is right for them.

In contrast, if you are clear about what you want, then you will know when it shows up. This is particularly important when you start to call for a soul mate, because more than one will probably answer, and you will probably have to choose.

Your soul mates are on the same frequency as you and will be drawn in by your energy. Since you attract your energetic match, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are in a good place when you call for a new soul mate. Healing anything that needs kindness within you will attract the most loving soul mate relationships: the ‘right’ soul mates.

How are your soul mate relationships working out? Are you attracting who and what you want into your life? I’m a psychic and a healer, let me help.

Love from Caroline

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  1. Dagma says:


    posím o čtení mého vztahu s manželem Zdeňkem narozen 4. 12. 1953 v Ústí nad


    Dále bych moc prosila o pomoc při mém hledání další cesty. Nyní se už

    delší dobu motám v kruhu a nevím jak dál.

    Za pomoc předem děkuji a Vám přeji také splnění všech Vašich přání

    s úctou Dagmar

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Dagma, I’d love to help you with a reading. Please contact me for a chat when I am next online x

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  2. Kelly says:

    I love this article. It really clarifies some things for me. I had noticed my pattern of attracting the wrong men in my life and I have been trying to change it, to attract the right ones in. I noticed that I attracted broken men, when I was broken and unavailable men when I was unavailable. Well now that I am healed and available, I am no longer attracted to broken and unavailble. (Thank God) :smile: I guess now I just have to be specific! Thank you for sharing your wisdom...
    Sincerely, Kelly

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    • Caroline says:

      Thank you Kelly. You are so very welcome and I’m glad the article was helpful. xxx Hugs xxx

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  3. judith vargo says:

    I believe what you have written. A very well knows spiritual healer told me about a recently deceased former ex who was with
    me all the time in spirit. I had a difficult time wondering if it was true. How does one acknowledge and contact this soul-mate?
    I believe it is possible, and if so, I also think sometimes when they leave us physically, they may come back to try to help
    right some wrongs, they may have done while on earth. This is a wonderful thing, as there is nothing better then
    to forgive and forget. I try to remember everyone with the good and admirable traits, and you find yourself eventually
    in a much better place. Many do not realize, anger and un-forgiveness hurts them more than the victim. I enjoy Lotus, and many times it hits the nail on the head.

    Thank you, Judy Vargo

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    • Caroline says:

      Thank you Judy and very insightful of you to pick up on my comment on soul mates sometimes being in spirit. x

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  4. Neeraj Saraf says:

    Your weekly mail came with perfect timing. I was stunned on reading it. I am absolutely head over heels in love with a woman who is the Queen of Cups. And she knows that! So let me hope and pray for the best!

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  5. ana mercedes says:

    Que le dirias a un alma solitaria que no sabe que hacer donde todo la vida a sido anteponer sus sentimientos, su suerte por otro .y ya no tiene nada solo esperar lo que los demas quieran darle ,hasta cuando se puede aguantar si uno no es santo

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Ana, I would say that you need some healing and that I can help you with that. X

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  6. wz5xC says:

    This is exceptionally good, as is your other articles...thanks for posting

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  7. Tom says:


    Thank you for this article.

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  8. Tabitha says:

    Thank you so much for writing this.

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