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Are You An Empath?

By Caroline :: :: 28 comments

Do people ever tell you that you’re too sensitive? Do you get tired in crowds and need time alone? Do you feel ultra sensitive to energies and peoples vibes? If this is your experience, it’s quite possible that you are what’s known as an “Empath”.

Empaths are very sensitive people. It can seem like they feel everything around them good and bad. Although we live in a world that seems to value being tough, the truth is that sensitivity is a very special gift. Being sensitive means you can be naturally attuned to other people, and gently help them like no other person could. If you are an empath, you are likely here on the planet to be a healer.

I meet a lot of empaths who are aware of their gifts, but do not use them, because they feel so overwhelmed by other people and the world. If you are just starting to realise your gifts, it’s very important that you learn to manage your empathy and protect your energy.

Empaths are often nurturing to a fault. Being naturally good listeners and caring people, they often have a long line of people wanting their attention and comfort! If you are not careful, you will give away all your energy and be left feeling sick and tired. You must insist on your own self-care as well.

Many empaths have trouble with emotional eating and weight issues. Exhausted by negative people and environments, they turn to sweet foods for comfort and to ground themselves. The extra weight can also feel like it is protecting them from the world. I understand this well, I used to eat like this before I realised the cause was my sensitivity.

There a healthy ways to find your balance and make the most of your gifts, without the energy drain and upset. Meditation and any activity that helps you de-stress are a good place to start. Yoga and a daily hot bath work for me. Also working with clear boundaries and saying no for a change will shift your experience to a more manageable world! You can choose your environment, so choose to live and work in worlds where you are surrounded by peaceful and calm energies.

If you need help to understand and cope with your life as an empath, and better understand your life purpose, I can help. There are valuable energetic strategies to protect you and help you and we can work on those together. You have a gift, so embrace it!

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  1. birch says:

    Do you have any suggestions for an empath forced to work in a negative environment? How to keep it together and stay on the path? Thanks!

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  2. norma says:

    I know about my gift but really do need your expertise and advice x

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  3. Brooke Church says:

    I am this way ;-) Next time I am feeling out of sorts I will remember it is a gift so pure needs extra care and love.

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  4. B says:

    :) Love you

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  5. Marci says:

    Not knowing yourself in this way can be incredibly stressful, bringing on emotional and psychological symptoms. The greatest freedom from these perils is finding that you are not alone and better yet, not going crazy! I’m just thrilled to have found a community of others like myself. It has helped me to relax, accept, and educate myself on why I have always known I was different and often felt the need to isolate. I can now go out and am better able to control what I feel because I understand why I am feeling that way. :smile: Thank you, Anna, for acknowledging us!

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  6. Emily says:

    I’ve been aware that my mom’s side has had a tendency to inherit Empathic and sensitive gifts. But I never really thought that I had inherited it too until a trip to a civil war information center in virgina this fall. They had a small display room filled with items found at one of the lesser known but probably bloodiest battlefields. The second I walked into the room I didn’t even need to look at anything before I started to feel really really sick. But as soon as I left that feeling left in the sense that I was no longer sick. But I was still terrified and overwhelmed by everything I was feeling in a room that was only occupied by me and my parents. I still remember those feelings and have been desperately search for some way to find some comfort on the whole issue. Worst of all any relitives on my mom’s side that also inhertied the same gift are all dead. And my mom has been only helpfull in telling me about the family ties. Thank you for your help and advice on dealing with my gifts.

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  7. allison g says:

    All my life seen spirits....Thank you for your time xx

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  8. Brooke Church says:

    This is so me lol. It made me smile. Thank You, you are a true gift from the Divine Creator. Lots of Love 0:-)

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  9. Sophie says:

    I’ve always believed I was different. Something that I could not explain, and always being too sensitive. I’ve always grown up wanting to help others, feeling a great reward when my help worked. But also becoming depressed too easily when it didn’t. I would love to hear more from you, and possibly a little guidance.

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  10. edna says:

    This describes me to a T. It’s been called social anxiety disorder, but you offer a very interesting take on it- I appreciate it!

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  11. Caroline Anna says:

    Thank you all for your fantastic feedback on this post. I’m writing the next part and will have it posted soon!

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  12. Jodi says:

    Wow! I thought there was something wrong with me emotionally! I heavily exhaled when I read your blog. I was like “this is SO me!” Thank you! Are there any online articles or books that you can suggest that deals with this ‘gift’? I have always been the crying shoulder and the one everyone turns to in their time of need. I realized a long time ago that I didn’t know anyone like me and that no one could relate to my emotional distress. So I have always kept it in thinking I was special and lonely because of it. I am thankful that I came across your article.
    Thanks again,

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      Thank you Jodi! I have been promising to blog more about being an Empath and I will do to help you soon x

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  13. Nonela says:

    Hey i feel so happy that i came across this post! You have described me. cant wait for your next post! Thank you, Thank YOU!

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  14. ellen says:

    I have been sensitive to the emotions of others for my whole life. I have only understood my reactions to other peoples feelings for about ten years. I was working in the gardens of a cancer hospital and was amazed at how many people were drawn to me. They all wanted to talk to me for some reason. Im a gentle gardener, thats all. They couldn’t get any real medical info from me so why were they attracted to me? Then it dawned on me that I often spent time on my hands and knees while working and i usually would be praying for someone i had just finished talking with. I think they could sense my direct line to my higher power and they were hoping I could help them too. I have found that taking better care of my own body makes me a better helper to others. I pray ALOT. A number of people have told me that love shines through my eyes and if you know what to look for, its as obvious as my nose. My praying keeps me focused and protects me from becoming overwhelmed by the needs of others. It also gives me a sense that I ve done my best to help and then i can move on with a positive attitude and without any lingering feelings for me to deal with. I believe praying also protects me from the negativity that can be so heavy and depressing. I start each day fresh with my intentions of helping, healing and growing through love. The greatest power I have is to love thy neighbors. I feel very powerful when i focus through love. Maybe my words here will help others to feel stronger in their own lives without feeling overwhelmed while out in public.

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  15. Debbie says:

    I am so glad I came across this blog. I can identify with so much of what you say and have had one psychic “friend” zap my energy when he was ill. He was surprised to hear I had been ill but thankfully I worked out what was causing it and regained my strength through protection before he admitted what he had done.
    I find people on the internet are drawn to me when they need help or guidance. Strangers I encounter through games etc suddenly pay me more attention and when we move to a chat forum there is always something they have been looking for. I used to be very diplomatic in what I said, now for my own preservation I tell it straight. I never claim to have all the answers but seem to be a grounding force to them.
    No matter what gift we have, if we can help someone overcome a problem or face an issue they feel alone with even just by listening then we are blessed to have that gift :smile:

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  16. Janet says:

    Hello All,

    I am one and when I was younger, used to always be drawn to those in need of help. I try not to get too involved nowadays but always seem to shock people with what is obvious to me. I took Tarot lessons and sitting in the same room with spiritual balanced people felt warmth and empowered. The readings came easily to me. I can also feel contempt, hatred, spite and jealousy....this is distressing at times.
    I also went to Chakra meditation to keep my spirit balanced and rid myself of the build up of negative energies and to surround myself with positive energy.
    Recently moved and found a Buddhist Temple nearby and will give them a try in the future. They offer meditation classes.

    If I feel great distress I will talk to the person and allow them to unload. People say that it feels like they have known me for years. It took me years to figure out that it’s not me having multiple interests but that I am drawn to them because of the people around me and the way they feel while doing it.

    I am a teacher now and being an empath helps. I can zone in on any problems the students have and help them in a way that only they can understand. All of my students succeed, even if it is in smaller steps.

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  17. Mathew says:

    The way I cope is to realize that everyone & everything you experience is a part of you good or bad, it takes a lot of love & understanding to cope with the bad sometimes however.
    I get along with people no one likes because I realize they are another me so I feel empathy towards them. They put out some horrid vibes but most of the time I cope quite well, you can’t like or put up with everything about you/them so don’t try just except them needing help with love & understanding. When you except that negative people need help, not saying you should help, you look at them & the situation in quite a different way. ...Love Mathew

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      Hi, great comment, I agree! The things that can most frustrate us in another person are usually a reflection of an unwelcome part of ourselves. :-)

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  18. karen says:

    I’ve always been sensitive about everything. The last couple of years it got worse for me. Everyone I know seemed to turn to me, I felt like I were carrying the world on my shoulders. I didn’t know what was happening and I thought I were going mad but after help from some good friends I now know how to ground, open and close myself down and protect myself. Before learning how to do this I was constantly open. I only used to get roughly three hours sleep... I was physically and mentally drained. I’m starting a development course shortly and am really excited about it to be blessed with these gifts. I want to learn as much as I can.

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  19. Debbie says:

    “I am a teacher now and being an empath helps. I can zone in on any problems the students have and help them in a way that only they can understand. All of my students succeed, even if it is in smaller steps.”
    Wow Janet,I can relate to you so much! I am a teacher aide and more times than not I can help children in ways their teachers just can’t and not for lack of trying. I seem to be able to reach these kids on a level they can understand, almost by instinct. It sure does make our work extremely rewarding, even those small steps make a huge difference to them :)

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  20. Christina says:

    For a while now I have known I am an Empath, but that knowledge didn’t make it any easier, at least not in the beginning, and I certainly did not see it as a gift. Frankly, it took me years to cope with it and come to terms with it. To me that extreme sensitivity was a huge obstacle that prevented me from functioning well in places and with (large groups of) other people. How I detested it.

    I didn’t want to be different from the people I knew or/and came in contact with who seemed to have no problems whatsoever with energies or other peoples vibes. And I just could not figure out why that was and why other people seem to be immune to and cope just fine with environments and spheres which made me feel awful to the point that I literally had to flee. Working in an office was simply impossible for me, because of the very negative vibes that went out from the majority of the coworkers and filled the buildings with bad energies, although I’ve tried many times before realizing and accepting that it was best for me to work in my own climate and in my own space.

    I must say that now, I wouldn’t want it any other way. My energy level has gone up considerably and I feel and look much, much better. I am also very careful as for what kind of people I let into my life. There are a lot of energy vampires out there that will drain you from every drop of energy if you let them.

    It’s like going on the Internet. You can do it and have a great time, but make sure that your computer is protected at all times by a firewall, antivirus program, etc. so no viruses can harm or destroy your system. That’s why it is so important to protect and spend enough time alone to boost up our energy by meditating and doing the things we like.

    To newer Empaths, don’t be afraid to ask for own space and time when you need it. You will be doing yourself and other people a favor for the quality time you spend with yourself will make you grow spiritually and let you become more in tune with yourself and therefore will benefit you as well as the others you wish to help out.

    I too have had serious weight issues for many years and only now, by having read your article, am it clear to me what caused it. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    P.S.: nice photograph, you’re an attractive young woman.

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely and in-depth reply. I am sure the readers of this blog will really appreciate the advice you gave on how to manage as an Empath. Thanks also for the compliment!

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