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Are You An Empath?

By Caroline :: :: 28 comments

Do people ever tell you that you’re too sensitive? Do you get tired in crowds and need time alone? Do you feelĀ ultra sensitive to energies and peoples vibes? If this is your experience, it’s quite possible that you are what’s known as an “Empath”.

Empaths are very sensitive people. It can seem like they feel everything around them good and bad. Although we live in a world that seems to value being tough, the truth is that sensitivity is a very special gift. Being sensitive means you can be naturally attuned to other people, and gently help them like no other person could. If you are an empath, you are likely here on the planet to be a healer.

I meet a lot of empaths who are aware of their gifts, but do not use them, because they feel so overwhelmed by other people and the world. If you are just starting to realise your gifts, it’s very important that you learn to manage your empathy and protect your energy.

Empaths are often nurturing to a fault. Being naturally good listeners and caring people, they often have a long line of people wanting their attention and comfort! If you are not careful, you will give away all your energy and be left feeling sick and tired. You mustĀ insist on your own self-care as well.

Many empaths have trouble with emotional eating and weight issues. Exhausted by negative people and environments, they turn to sweet foods for comfort and to ground themselves. The extra weight can also feel like it is protecting them from the world. I understand this well, I used to eat like this before I realised the cause was my sensitivity.

There a healthy ways to find your balance and make the most of your gifts, without the energy drain and upset. Meditation and any activity that helps you de-stress are a good place to start. Yoga and a daily hot bath work for me. Also working with clear boundaries and saying no for a change will shift your experience to a more manageable world! You can choose your environment, so choose to live and work in worlds where you are surrounded by peaceful and calm energies.

If you need help to understand and cope with your life as an empath, and better understand your life purpose, I can help. There are valuable energetic strategies to protect you and help you and we can work on those together. You have a gift, so embrace it!

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  1. I enjoyed this post. Appreciate you posting.

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  2. Stacey says:

    hit the nail on the head for me!!!!! Been an empath since the day I entered this world :) I’m VERY. exhausted ....

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  3. Rose says:

    Good post, thank you.

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