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Ace of Pentacles ~ Opportunity

By Caroline :: :: 18 comments

8223087368_50be1e58b7_zYour card today is the Ace of Pentacles. Aces are exciting because they represent new opportunities and the potential for success. Pentacles are governed by the fruitful element of Earth, which represents prosperity, health and abundance.

These energies combine in the Ace of Pentacles to show that you will soon have a new opportunity (or opportunities) to create well-being, prosperity and security in your life.

You may be offered loving support; a chance to refresh and revitalise yourself; a gift, inheritance or a lump sum of cash; a new job, promotion, or business opportunity; or perhaps the chance to start a new creative project.

The future depends on what you do today, so consider the opportunities you have right now and what you would like to create in your life. What would help you to have more stability, security, balance, better health? How could you become more secure and grounded? What might be a source of fresh energy and inspiration?

Right now the world is your oyster. You can realise your potential and dreams. You just need to be open to the opportunities offered and to seek out the new. You will know the right opportunity because it will feel synchronistic, new and exciting. Your common sense will tell you what to do and where to start to make things happen.

I would love to hear what new exciting opportunities for prosperity and well-being appear in your life when you receive this card. Please post your experiences in the comments on my blog; or come for a live session with me if you would like help in finding your next big opportunity.

Here are some sample affirmations that may help you:

I create prosperity and security with grace and ease.

I am worthy of financial abundance and security.

I am safe and divinely protected.


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  1. Lily says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read, especially about security. I always feel as if wanting to feel secure is not a good thing. This proves me otherwise.

    Thank you! :mrgreen:

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  2. Florence G says:

    Thank you for something beautiful this morning... looking forward to God’s grace in abundance... truly appreciate your words...

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  3. Melinda Reidl says:

    Hello Caroline

    Wow, the medicine from the sisters is potent these days. This message of inspiration and truth could not have been more well-received. Exquisite timing. I am keen to turn my passion for shamanic healing and spiritual growth into a nourishing and sustainable business teaching, guiding and writing. I’m just waiting to gather a bit more extra money to complete a website that has been started. It is so, so important to be reminded that our work life and our ‘other’ life need not be separate and toilsome. Namaste!

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  4. Sylvana Versace says:

    Hi Caroline

    Thank you for the inspiring words.
    Love and peace


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  5. Karen says:

    Well this has been a confirmation that I have done the right thing. It was officially my last day with employer yesterday, as I accepted an offer from a new employer starting at the beginning of next week. Smiling, knowing that better things are now before me.

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  6. B........ says:

    Thank you Caroline, for such an inspiring card. Im on a journey right now leaving my old job behind and hopefully I will find a job I love, that is creative and rewarding.

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  7. Yolanda says:

    I just got your email of the Ace of Pentacles card. I just graduated from a program that I’ve always known was a stepping stone-place filler- until I could work out what the heck is my truest path. I don’t know what is my hearts true desire, and I’m afraid I wont really know for a long time.
    I will reflect on it, as usual.
    Thanks for the email, though :)

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  8. Tev says:

    Thank you for this Caroline. I’d love to hear more about your teaching.

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  9. Matheu says:

    This was a really good and intriguing article Caroline. You keep me coming back time and time again! Thank you so much.

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  10. rachel says:

    I do feel that we sometimes forget we are here to learn and there will be trauma in our lives. It is so easy to judge our lives by others and we do forget that often people hide heartache very well :)

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