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Hi I’m Alison Day

My tarot readings give my clients insights into their past, present and future providing illumination and guidance to help them make their own choices and decisions with greater confidence.

Your future is in your hands. I am a helping hand that can guide you through life’s challenges and disappointments and times when life can seem overwhelming.

Many of you may remember me as the original resident reader with Lotus Tarot and creator of the automated readings. After a 2 year sabbatical I am delighted to be able to connect with you again.

Over the past 2 years I have developed my tarot readings into an Intuitive Coaching Programme where I work with a select number of clients in a more intense and personal way. My intention is to use my tarot readings and coaching programme to help people live happier and richer lives. To help them see their own unique talents and creative abilities so they know how to attract what they desire into their life.

So if you are seeking answers as to how you can manifest what you want in the future or need help to overcome your fears or challenges, I look forward to doing your reading for you.

Respectfully, Alison