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An Introduction to Learning the Tarot Cards
  Pleasure of Tarot Review: Test 2

Q1: What Major Arcana card is associated with these dates 22nd May – 21st June?

The Chariot
The Lovers
The Moon
The Hermit

Q2: Which of the following positive associations are most fitting for The High Priestess?

fertility, birth
intuitiveness, understanding
advice, wise counsel
choice, new love

Q3: Which of the following negative associations are most fitting for The Emperor?

obstacles, temporary bad luck
over inflated ego, selfishness
failed ambition, status driven
suspiciousness, fear

Q4: Which card symbolizes a need for careful consideration of issues and possibly a desire for peace and quiet and solitude?

The Hierophant
The Hermit
The Chariot
The Fool

Q5: If you were reading for someone who expressed a desire to fall pregnant, which of the following cards would confirm this possibility?

The Wheel of Fortune
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Empress