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An Introduction to Learning the Tarot Cards
  Lesson 9 - The Court Cards of Swords and Pentacles

Well here we are, the last 8 cards in the deck. Soon your 78 card Tarot deck will be complete!!

How did you find working with the court cards? OK? Or a bit confusing trying to figure out whether you should be considering them as people or events or aspects of a personality? Reading court cards for yourself is even more challenging, so make sure you practice lots on other people first!

Hopefully throughout the course you've been doing the exercises and practising your 3 card reading with friends. Once you have completed this lesson and have the complete deck to work with, you should start to see the magic of Tarot come alive.

The 3 card reading may be short, but it forms the basis of many other spreads, some of which we'll look at in the final few lessons.

For now though, it's time to focus on the court cards for the suit of Swords and Pentacles.