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An Introduction to Learning the Tarot Cards
  Lesson 8 - The Court Cards of Wands & Cups

I hope you are having fun with the course so far, many of you have been kind enough to give me your feedback and that's great. Please keep it up!!

The number of cards you should be working with will now be 62!! The Major Arcana (22) and the numbered cards of the 4 suits (40).

This should be developing a much more detailed picture in your 3 card reading and giving you a much better feel for how our thoughts, feelings, passions and aspirations are reflected in the cards.

These cards very much reflect events, feelings or thoughts. The Major Arcana, or Trump cards as they are also known, represent key events or situations of more importance in our lives, the Minor Arcana represent the more day to day or mundane aspects of our lives.

The cards we will move onto now are the court cards and these are a little more challenging to learn.

The court cards, (the Page, Knight, Queen and King), can represent people, events, or aspects of a person's personality. Confused already? You will be!

I, like many other Tarot readers, find interpreting the meanings of court cards in a reading quite challenging, and it takes a lot of practice and experience to build up your confidence with them.

Again, I have focused on simply giving you the key words and basic meanings for each card, which will be enough to get you started.

In this lesson, we'll be focusing on the court cards for the suits of Wands and Cups.