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An Introduction to Learning the Tarot Cards
  Lesson 5 - The Minor Arcana Cups

How did you find the 3 card reading with the 1-10 of Wands added to the Major Arcana? Did it feel like it added another dimension?

If you feel comfortable moving on now with the 1-10 of Cups great, but if you want more time to practice the previous lessons then that's fine too.

As I mentioned in the last lesson, have your trusty friends help you with further practice as we add more suits for you to work with. If you start to feel that you are struggling go back to the stage you feel comfortable at and increase your confidence before adding further cards.

Don't forget it is OK to use your book or books to help you!!

This lesson focuses on the numbered cards for the suit of Cups, and as so many of us consult the Tarot cards about our love life and relationships, this is a particurlaly important suit to feel comfortable with.

So lets see what the suit of Cups is all about ..