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Lesson 3 - The Major Arcana from Strength (11) to The World (21)

Click on each of the cards below when you're ready, then click the back button of your browser, or the 'back to list' button at the bottom of each page, to return to this page after you've finished each card. (You can also use the next and previous buttons at the bottom of each page to go through the cards one by one)

Card 11: Strength
Card 12: The Hanged Man
Card 13: Death
Card 14: Temperance
Card 15: The Devil
Card 16: The Tower
Card 17: The Star
Card 18: The Moon
Card 19: The Sun
Card 20: Judgement
Card 21: The World

The Practical Exercise for this week is to take all 22 of the Major Arcana cards and shuffle them, think of a question you would like to ask and then pick 3 cards.

Put the 3 cards in front of you. Write the names of the cards in your notebook.

Card 1: Reflects your current situation, what card is it? What do you think and feel it's telling you? Write your thoughts and feelings in your notebook.

Card 2: Is the advice the cards are giving you, what do you think that is? Again write your thoughts in your notebook.

Card 3: Is the outcome the cards are giving you, what is it? Yep that's right, write it in your notebook.

Try it again! And again! And again!

Click here to take this week's multiple choice test