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An Introduction to Learning the Tarot Cards
  Lesson 3 - The Major Arcana Part II

How are you getting on?

If you are finding the lessons easy to follow, and your retention of the information I am providing is improving, great!! Well done!!

If not, and you are struggling, don't just rush into the next lesson. All the lessons are available here online, 24/7, so relax and learn at your own pace. If you need to spend a few weeks on each lesson that's fine, there's no rush.

In fact if you just try and 'skim' through the lessons you are taking the wrong approach. Your relationship with your cards needs nurturing and this requires focused attention.

Your inner guide/intuition needs stillness and peace to communicate with you, and you will need to continually practice your skills if you want to recognise the symbols and messages you receive when studying your cards.

Here's lesson 3 - the second part of the Major Arcana. To keep things consistent, We've writen this lesson in the same format as lesson 2.

I hope you are using your note book and doing all the practical exercises!! Ooh, I sound like an old school teacher!!

The energy you get from your cards is very important, so try to develop your awareness of that. Be aware of all your senses.

I often see colours, feel emotions and on odd occassions even experience smells and tastes! On one occasion, for example, when I picked up the cards a client had chosen for her reading, I coughed and tasted tobacco smoke! As her reading progressed it became obvious she was suffering from respiratory problems caused by smoking!

We've learned to pay attention to all my senses, they often give me important clues.

OK, on to the lesson ..