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So, let's move on to some spreads.

You've been working with a classic 3 card spread, so let's use this same reading to create a new one ... by using it twice!

Spread 1. The Choice Reading - 6 cards

This is ideal when a querant has to choose between 2 options, for example

  • Should I stay married or should I leave my spouse?
  • Should I go out with Steve or Michael?
  • Should I become a lawyer or a hair stylist?

You get the idea!

Simply ask the querant to shuffle the cards and pick 6, and then spread the cards as below:


Inverted Card

Card 1

Inverted Card

Card 2

Inverted Card

Card 3


Inverted Card

Card 4

Inverted Card

Card 5

Inverted Card

Card 6

this 1st row represents their first choice
this 2nd row represents their second choice


You then read each row as you would the 3 card reading you've been practising:

1st card is - influences from the past
2nd card is - advice
3rd card is - outcome.

The idea of the spread is to help guide the querant to the most positive or favorable choice. Of course both options could lead to seemingly equally negative or positive outcomes, in which case you can do an additional spread for clarification.

This could be ...


Spread 2. Guidance Reading - 4 cards

In this situation, you could use the guidance reading to ask for more information on each option.

Lets say that Option 1 was: 'Should I go out with Steve?'

Lay the cards out like this:

Inverted Card
Inverted Card
Inverted Card
Inverted Card
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4

Read the cards like this:

1st card is - the current situation
2nd card is - what is going for you
3rd card is - what is going against you
4th card is - the outcome

After finishing this reading, shuffle the cards again and do the same for Option 2: 'Should I go out with Michael?'

If they still both have a similar outcome, then you have more work to do, or perhaps your querant will decide to go out with both of them!


The 4 card Guidance reading can be used to ask any question, it doesn't need to relate to a choice. You could use it to get a feel for what's going on around the querant generally, or to ask a specific questions such as:-

"will I have love in my life soon"
"will my finances improve"
"will I sell my house"

OK, so now you have 3 spreads to work with:-

Classic 3 card spread
6 card 'choice' spread
4 card 'guidance' spread


Practical Exercise for this week

Your homework is to practice these on yourself and your friends and begin to develop your own way of working with the cards and your querant.

We will move on to a couple of bigger spreads next week.

There's no multiple choice test for this lesson, but make sure you do plenty of practice readings before next week.