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Vapor Trails - Tarot & Rock Music!

In 1997, after a string of successful albums and having gathered a faithful following, the future of the Canadian classic-rock group, Rush, was in doubt. Neil Peart, the hard-driving percussionist and songwriter, had suffered two devastating personal losses; his daughter to a tragic car accident and his beloved wife and partner to cancer. The other two members of the band were in mourning with Peart.

But, time does heal the wounds of the heart and the emotions, and after a five-year recording hiatus, in May of this year; Rush released their album _Vapor Trails_. I was gifted with the CD soon after its initial release and have spent the past months listening closely to both the music and the lyrics.

Perhaps, as more than one wag has said, every progressive rock band should take five years off.

Geode Lee has lost the youthful shrieks and inhumanely high notes and displays a surprising mellow range: while still retaining his, and the bands, highly recognizable style.

Only a band that has played together for so many years—count 'em folks, nearly 30—could play this tightly, this controlled, this handsomely. No show-off overrides or thrills here, just a wonderfully reminiscence of the bands work in the '70's.

What, you are asking, does this album have to do with tarot? This album is constructed around a selection of thirteen tarot cards.

The highlight of the album is the forth cut, _Peaceable Kingdom_ where Peart subtly but clearly speaks to his loss and his emotional pain.

"Justice against The Hanged Man
Knight of Wands against the hour
Swords against the kingdom
Time against The Tower"

Peart's understanding of the individual cards is masterful. The lyrics and the music incorporate a spectacular foundation of that knowledge, coupled with a hint of the fantasy to be found in Rush's earlier albums, especially my all-time favorite _2112_.

Like rock-'n-roll? Like Tarot? Here is the chance to enjoy them in one fell swoop!

It's in the cards!


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