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Chaldean Numerology

Anyone remotely interested in metaphysics will be familiar with the concept of numerology. However, there are a variety of different forms of this science around the world and some are more effective than others. For example, the recent upsurge of interest in an ancient and relatively unknown system called Chaldean numerology is growing - and the reason is simple: it is one of the oldest and most accurate systems in existence.
Based on a sound-to-symbol infrastructure, the ancient Chaldean method looks beyond the numbers in your name to the letters names are composed of. Since each letter in our alphabet has its own specific point of origin (inspired by specific sounds, objects, activities, animals and even spiritual messages), each adds its own splash of colour to the pictures the numbers paint: this is one system with two distinct sides to it that, when combined, create the most fascinating look into names and birthdays, insights that are deeply personal but that also cover our talents and positive characteristics and where we will most likely find the most satisfaction in terms of relationships, lifestyles and even careers.
By the same token, nothing is ever one-sided, and Chaldean Name Analysis is no exception. Like the day needs the night to be complete, this system also points out potentially 'dark' areas that can hold you back from realizing your dreams or, at the very least, keep you wandering down the same old 'garden paths'. Simply put, your name speaks volumes about your social, soul and domestic energies and will point out areas of imbalances or challenges - and offer ideas, clarification and inspiration that can help you improve the quality, content and 'feel' of your life.

Chaldean is blunt and straight-forward: it will not varnish the truth for it is not capable of lying: it sees and it speaks. In that sense, it really is a 'science'...but it also has a spiritual side, so its description would shift to become a 'scientific oracle'. Is that a paradox? Perhaps. But then again, so is mankind...and since I work with and know this system inside out, I would say this is one paradox worth checking out.
Despite its reputation for being complex and difficult to use, I have simplified Chaldean to the point that anyone can use it - indeed, this system is now easy to learn and is revelatory to say the least.

Chaldean numerology offers a truly a one-of-a-kind view into why you are here, where your talents lie, what forms your challenges will take, and all manner of other information - this methodology is, after all, all about you! 


Heather Lagan
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