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The Hermit's Advice

When working on our own personal growth and healing ourselves we can always learn a thing or two by listening to the advice from 'The Hermit' card in the Tarot. When the Hermit appears in our Tarot reading he calls upon us to take time for self discovery through inner reflection. You might benefit from taking some time out of the busy, external world for some 'quiet contemplation' upon your life and of who you are in amongst your own world.

Meditation is the key to delving into the depths of your inner self to allow your own deeper knowledge and awareness of the wisdom of life to surface into your own consciousness. Try to imagine yourself sitting down in peace at the summit of a 'still mountain'. Fill your lungs with the cool, clean air and allow yourself to get in touch with what exists in the depths of your own being. This, as oppose to your 'regular' daily functioning in ways 'conscious action', will help you to fully embrace the opportunity of incorporating 'stillness' as a part of your busy daily schedule.

You might also enjoy reading some inspirational books or perhaps begin writing a journal with some of your own thoughts and feelings of your own experiences in life. Regardless of the method you choose, the idea is to simply take some quiet time to reflect upon yourself and who you really are inside.

If you enjoy using colour as a means of therapeutic healing, then I do advise that you introduce the colour grey into your surrounding when you are working on cultivating your inner self knowledge and wisdom. Grey represents and encourages us to develop feelings of calmness, patience and stillness. You can bring the vibration of grey to yourself by either wearing some clothing in this colour, or by simply placing some grey objects in your surrounding environment.


Now, the hermit not only teaches us to withdraw from people and contemplate upon our inner selves, he also teaches us of the importance of being able to strike a balance between the aspects of our higher and lower vibrations. What use is it for us to be attuned to our higher self if we cannot learn to incorporate that understanding into our daily lives and activities? In reality it would be worth nothing! So this aspect of balance is a very important factor here!

On a final note and from the perspective of numerology, The Hermit has been assigned to key 9 in the Tarot. The number 9 represents the end of a cycle, which means that the time is right to let go of old outworn habits, beliefs and patterns of the past. Take advantage of this period by working on the shedding of your old ways and venture off into life in search for a higher purpose.

Remember, you are never alone, The Hermit is there to guide you. He shines his light to show you the way along the path towards reaching higher attainment and enlightenment. He has the answers of the mystery of life we are all striving to find, yet we must learn now how to discover those answers for ourselves otherwise we will always be waiting in wonder!!

© Ashleigh Stewart

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