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Stay Focused On Your Dreams

So how has this year been for you so far? We all have such high hopes and expectations at the beginning of a new year don't we? We set our 'new year resolutions' and hope we will have the success we seek in love and life generally.

For many, the determination and willpower to stay true to our new year's resolutions soon fades, and the challenges of everyday life chips away at our confidence and self esteem.

Whether your new year resolutions were to stop smoking, lose weight, leave a job that is unfulfilling or doesn't pay well, or end a relationship that is loveless and makes you unhappy - staying resolutely focused helps you maintain the willpower and determination to succeed.

I thought I would share with you an exercise I practice with the Tarot cards that helps me stay focused on my key goals and aspirations - perhaps it could help you stay focused on yours.

If you own a Tarot deck extract the 22 Major Arcana cards for this exercise, however, you don't need a deck to do this, you can just as easily use the 'meanings' section of Lotus Tarot that features these 22 cards and their interpretations.

click here for tarot card meanings - opens new window

Step 1 - with your deck or using the 'meanings' page on the site, choose 1 Major Arcana card that you 'feel' or 'sense' represents what you most want for:-

Love and Relationships
Work and Finance
Spiritual Development

Step 2 - then choose a Major Arcana card that you 'feel' or 'sense' represents what you most need to let go of for each of the four areas.

If you don't read Tarot for yourself, just read through the interpretations of the Major Arcana in the 'meanings' section of the site and the positive and negative aspects of each card will resonate with you in some way.

click here for tarot card meanings - opens new window

I will share with you the cards I chose at the start of the year for my goals and aspirations and why, to help you get an idea of how to use the cards when you have chosen them.

What I most want for:

Love and Relationships - The World - the arrival of my heart's desire and achieving completion and fulfilment in a loving relationship.

Work and Finance - The Magician - to embrace the magic of the universe that is helping me along my life path and have the determination and will power to achieve all that I am
capable of.

Health - Strength - however busy I am to always find time to keep fit and exercise to be physically strong, as well as take time to relax and meditate to avoid becoming stressed or anxious.

Spiritual - The Sun - to focus on my inner sun chakra - understanding that true happiness comes from within, I want to explore ways of developing my own inner power and self-
empowerment techniques, and share these with others

What I most need to let go of for:

Love and Relationships - The Hanged Man - letting go of a past love and of personal limiting beliefs.

Work and Finance - The Hierophant - to stop trying to conform to what others believe I should do with my career and follow my heart and instincts

Health - The Devil - to give up some of those naughtier addictions :0) - easier said than done, but working on it!!

Spiritual - The Hermit - letting go of the fear of loneliness.

This little exercise can be fun to do, but without a doubt what we focus on and think about most, manifests in our life. I recommend performing this little 'ritual' or 'meditation' on a regular basis, to keep you focused on your goals and aspirations in life, and why you want them! I find it a particularly useful exercise to perform at life's most challenging times.

I am a firm believer in positive thought and affirmation:

If you truly want unconditional love, you must first give unconditional love

If you want more material wealth you need to develop an attitude of abundance

Happiness comes from within, the less you need external stimuli to feel happy, the happier you become

Let this be your year!!! Dare to dream - Dare to live!!

Love and Joy,

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