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"It Means the World To Me!"

It's a funny expression isn't it? What would 'mean the world' to you?

Perhaps having a wonderful, rewarding, loving relationship? Achieving financial success and recognition in your work? Having a child you have longed for?

Whatever your dreams or ambitions, The World card appearing in your tarot readings can herald the arrival of your heart's desire - a time of completion and fulfillment.

This is an especially wonderful card to have as an outcome card, if preceded by other positive cards.

It is a card of triumph, recognition for all your hard work and effort, or reward after a period of struggle and challenge.

Respect and recognition is associated with the appearance of this card, as it suggests that many people around you, feel you deserve the happiness and joy the card represents.

The World tarot card can also mean that the world is your oyster, so it often represents travel, or suggests you broaden your horizons if you are to acquire your heart's desire.

This is such a positive card, that even the negative aspect, normally indicated by preceded cards being less positive or cards of challenge, simply means a period of delay before the success you desire becomes manifest.

Are you living in the life you want, or do you desire to step out into the 'big wide world' and seek adventure?

The World IS your oyster, so when you see this card in your tarot readings, remember to keep your heart and mind open to greater possibilities.


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