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The Fool: A Leap of Faith

A leap year is when February has 29 days, and occurs every 4 years. Whilst I was thinking about this, I realised just how many decisions or choices we make require a 'leap of faith'.

There is a tradition that in a leap year a woman may choose to propose marriage to her lover, however why only do it in a leap year?

In fact, whether you are male or female, how many times have you waited and waited for a lover to show signs of further commitment or propose marriage and it's never happened?

Sometimes this is because that partner doesn't actually want the same from the relationship as you, but sometimes it can simply be fear that holds us back from actually 'asking' for what we want.

The Fool tarot card often depicts a young man taking a 'step' or 'leap' forward onto a new path, (or even off a cliff!!), and this card represents new beginnings, spontaneity and optimism when making major decisions.

The Fool represents the untapped potential in all of us, and keeping an open mind to new experiences. It urges us to follow our instincts and act upon 'hunches', and take the path towards adventure.

When it comes to affairs of the heart it may require a huge leap of faith to ask a lover for marriage or further commitment. The fear of rejection or the fear of losing that lover if they should run for the hills at the mere suggestion of such commitment, is normally enough to keep us from asking the question.

Which areas of your life could benefit from you finding the courage to take a leap of faith?

Asking that person who you quite fancy out on a date?

Proposing marriage to your lover?

Asking your boss for a promotion?

Leaving your job for a better one?

Starting your own business?

Think about it for a moment ...

Sometimes in life it pays to be spontaneous and fly in the face of convention - you don't know until you try.

I have a real belief that if you don't ask you don't get - it is true that you don't always get what you ask for, but there are innumerable occasions when I have plucked up the courage and said 'oh what the hell, it won't hurt to ask - at least I'll know where I stand'.

So, look out for The Fool appearing in your tarot readings and if there is something you would love to ask someone, or something you would love to do but have been too afraid to begin, why not consider a leap of faith and go for it?!!

Life is what you make it.

Love and Joy,

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